Biological Consultants

Serving the Intermountain West, the Rocky Mountain West, and the Great Plains

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What We Do represents the services of biologists, ecologists, and environmental scientists with broad experience in the assessment of natural resources and impacts to those resources. Working as individual businesses or cooperatively as a team, we specialize in helping clients ensure regulatory compliance, using scientific expertise and effective working relationships with regulatory agencies.

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Big Lost River Valley, Idaho

Types of Projects
  • Wetland delineation and wetland impact assessment
  • Vegetation resource mapping and impact assessment
  • Surveys for threatened and endangered (T and E) plant and animal species, including potential habitat
  • Revegetation and mitigation design, implementation, and monitoring
  • Surveys for noxious and invasive weeds and development of weed control plans
  • As a team, multidisciplinary projects, including Environmental and Biological Assessments

Piceance Pipeline, southwest Colorado

Types of Clients
  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Municipal and county governments
  • Residential and commercial real estate developers
  • Engineering and design firms
  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Mine companies
  • Military
Types of Regulatory Compliance
  • 404 Permits and verification of mitigation success for Clean Water Act compliance
  • Resource Reports for FERC Licensing
  • T&E species clearances and Biological essments for Endangered Species Act compliance
  • Environmental Assessments for NEPA compliance
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for State water quality regulation compliance is a shared website for three companies: Natural Resources Consulting, Mountain West Ecological Consulting, and Western Ecological Services. © 2008-2022