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Serving the Intermountain West, the Rocky Mountain West, and the Great Plains

Our Approach

We provide highy qualified, experienced scientists for your natural-resource related projects. We find practical solutions to environmental concerns for our clients, while protecting natural resources. Experience has shown that the most cost effective and time efficient solutions are those that reduce the need for regulatory compliance by avoiding and minimizing environmental impacts. Depending on the scope of projects and their environmental concerns, we implement this approach as individual consultants or by working together as a team.

We offer the expertise and experience of one or more professional scientists working directly on your project. We do not delegate tasks to junior or less-experienced staff. All of our consulting scientists have more than 20 years of experience. We are knowledgeable about the technical and practical aspects of environmental concerns for a broad range of projects, and we have established strong working relationships with resource agencies throughout the West.

More advantages of entrusting your project to us include:

  • Principal scientists take active roles in all aspects of your project.
  • The reputations of our companies in the private sector, and with the resource agencies, are also the reputations of the personnel working on your project.
  • The senior scientist that devises the workplan to meet your needs will be the one doing the work.
big lost river photo

Big Lost River, Idaho

For larger or multi-disciplinary projects, we have access to a network of consultants with a broad range of expertise, and a history of successful teamwork. The expertise of these associates includes wildlife, geology, archaeology, paleontology, soil science, hydrology, socio-economics, cartography, GIS, and risk assessment. Each of these associate consultants is a member of the team only when their specific expertise is required, assuring an extensive range of knowledgeable specialists, while keeping costs low. This cooperative teamwork approach works because every team member, including the client, is treated with professionalism and respect for their unique contribution of knowledge and expertise. Open communication among team members ensures project success and timely completion. is a shared website for three companies: Natural Resources Consulting, Mountain West Ecological Consulting, and Western Ecological Services. © 2008-2022